About Fiscra. Free financial tools for business

Fiscra was created as a free financial tool for business analysis and education. It consists of online calculators that can be used as easy financial models for different types of businesses and educational articles with examples. The project was created in 2021 by Kateryna Moskovenko.

A Story of Creating Fiscra

Hello! My name is Kateryna and I’d like to share the story of Fiscra creation.

I work in finance for more than 10 years. For the last 5 years, I help startups and companies prepare financial plans/models for their projects.

I have created more than 50 financial models for different projects: cafes, medical companies, restaurants, flower shops, clothing businesses, and others.

In addition, I saw how people opened businesses without any calculations hoping for success. Unfortunately, such businesses closed a few months after opening because of high losses.

To my mind, building a financial model before opening a business gives a lot of benefits:

  • Improve a price strategy;
  • Optimization of costs and investment;
  • Check if the project profitability corresponds to your expectations and goals;
  • Create and understand your sales plan;
  • Have the possibility to compare the planned data in the financial model with the actual;
  • Save your time and money. After creating the financial model you can understand that this project is not for you or you need to learn more about this field of activity and maybe change your strategy.

Usually, it is enough one day to create a financial model.

With Fiscra calculators you can do it in a few minutes/ hours, depending on the project. The calculators have been created for the most popular types of businesses: coffee shops, restaurants, e-commerce, clothing stores, hospitals, service businesses, etc.

The idea of Fiscra was to share with you my financial experience and create an easy and understandable financial tool for financial model preparation, improve your knowledge in finance for business, and help companies increase their chances of success after opening the business.

Our team

Alex Buka

Technical and marketing support

Alex will answer any of your technical questions related to Fiscra

Kateryna Moskovenko

Financial Consultant

Having more than 10 years of experience in accounting & finance for business, and financial modeling for different startups, Kateryna will help you with any financial issues connected to your tourism & travel business