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Fiscra is a financial platform with free online financial models for different businesses

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1. Our Company 

At Fiscra, we are dedicated to providing free online financial calculators that empower businesses to create accurate and effective financial plans. Our platform offers a range of calculators that allow you to calculate revenue, expenses, and net profit based on your initial information. Whether you are a small startup or an established company, our calculators are designed to help you make informed financial decisions and forecast your business’s future. With Fiscra, you have the tools you need to take control of your financial planning and drive your business toward success.

2. Our services

  • Creation of a financial model per request, if free financial tools available on the site are not enough for you or you need a quick solution; 
  • Management accounting for your business. It includes budget creation, monthly financial reports preparation, and financial analysis depending on your request.
  • Suggestion options of opening a company abroad to optimize the tax burden.

The most popular free financial calculators

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How to use calculators Fiscra

All that you need is to fill in the initial data ( price of the product, quantity of sale, expenses, and initial investment).
After filling them you receive a ready financial model with automatic calculation of the next financial indicators: revenue; net profit; profitability, ROI, and others.

Types of calculators

We have created the universal calculator for any type of business and specific for certain directions: cafes, hotels, gyms, restaurants, consulting firms, service businesses, clothing businesses, e-commerce, and others.

Our help
  • For your help, we have created an education block below each calculator that explains how to analyze and understand financial indicators.
  • In addition, an educational video was created on each page with the calculator with examples of using calculators.
  • In any case, we are always ready to help and provide our support.

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